Energy Cut Step 14


Step 13: Save money on transport


It’s an issue many of us talk about – the price of petrol, LPG and diesel seems to be getting more expensive every year.
Filling up your car, ute or truck can be a big hit on the bottom line for many SMEs.
Once you take into account depreciation, insurance, servicing, repairs, tyres and registration, as well as fuel, it costs many thousands of dollars to run a vehicle every year. And that’s even before you add parking fees and tolls!
There is good news, however. When it comes to transportation costs, there are lots of opportunities to save energy and money. This section will show you how.

Tip: When working out the fuel and running costs of your work vehicles –  if you have not kept odometer readings, go over your  servicing records to see if you can get an approximate odometer reading for the past year.


Money Saving Tips