Energy Cut Step 15

Step 14: Cut your refrigeration costs

Every business uses refrigeration of some kind – even if it’s only in the office for your milk.
Some businesses use more than others. For many retailers, cafes, restaurants, clubs and food-related businesses, the cost of refrigeration is a major part of their energy bill.
In fact, in 2012, Australians spent nearly $5 billion on refrigeration-related energy bills.[1] However, there are ways to reduce these costs:.
  • Some simple no-cost and low-cost practices can easily reduce refrigeration expenses by 15–20%.[2]
  • If you’re replacing fridges that are more than 15 years old, you can potentially reduce refrigeration expenses by up to 40%.[3]
Because refrigeration equipment runs 24 hours a day, it really pays to have the most energy efficient equipment possible.
This section gives you the no-cost/low-cost ways to save money when keeping things cold. It also shows you how to set about buying the most energy efficient refrigeration equipment. 

If your fridge or freezer is 15 years old, replace it. Today’s models use 40% less energy.


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