Energy Cut Step 13

Step 12: Reduce energy equipment costs

Within any business, there are two types of equipment:
  • the equipment that is specific to the service the business provides, like an oven in a bakery, a wheel-alignment machine in a garage, or a display refrigerator in a cafe
  • the sundry equipment that is common to most businesses – computers, air conditioners, phone chargers, printers, microwaves, photocopiers, dishwashers, kettles, fridges etc.
Maximising the energy efficiency of all your equipment will cut the running costs of your business. The easiest way to do this is to:
  • switch off equipment when it’s not being used (there is more information about this in (see ‘Step 6 – Switch off and save’)
  • consolidate your existing equipment
  • use your existing equipment more efficiently
  • replace machines and appliances with more energy efficient models.
This section will show you how to assess and reduce the running costs of your equipment. It will also show you how to purchase energy efficient appliances. 


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