How telecommuting saves on office costs

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How telecommuting saves on office costs

Have you thought about incorporating telecommuting into your staffing arrangements?

Having staff members who don’t always have to be in the office saves you on the number of desks, phones and computers you need to buy and office space that you need to rent, thereby reducing your costs.

The additional benefit of telecommuting is that it can reduce travel stress on your employees who don’t live closeby. This can lead to better productivity.

With the internet getting faster all the time, you can now keep in constant contact with out-of-office staff via Skype and other video platforms. Cloud-based computing means documents can be shared and worked on at the same time.

Re-evaluate staff travel too. Could any trips be replaced by video conferences? This would save not only on fuel costs or airfares, but also on vehicle maintenance, insurance and lost productivity due to under-utilised time spent in transit.

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