Can you get on your bike?

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Can you get on your bike?

If you live close to where you work, why not cycle or walk there? It will keep you fit and best of all, you won’t have to pay for petrol.

If you lease your work car, you may be able to combine the bike with occasional use of a car-sharing service and do away with the car altogether.

If there are a lot of hills on your route, why not get yourself an electric bike? This is far cheaper to run than a car.

There are many options now available in Australia. For advice, go online or visit a specialist bike shop that has a good range of electric bikes.

Nick Logan Pharmacy, NSW

Nick Logan Pharmacy have chosen not to use people with cars to do their deliveries. Instead, they save money and cut down on pollution by hiring local young people to do the deliveries on bikes. They further save costs by emailing, instead of posting their invoices and statements.[1]


Domino’s Pizza, locations around Australia

Step 13 - DominosA number of Domino’s stores are converting from delivery scooters to electric pushbikes in an effort to speed up delivery times.


Tracy Stephenson from Domino’s says, “These pushbikes are proving extremely efficient and are incredibly safe and economical for our franchisees to run.


At Domino’s we are committed to moving to electric scooters and pushbikes nationwide.”[2]