Minimise loads and reduce wind resistance

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Minimise loads and reduce wind resistance

Minimise loads – What’s in the boot of your car? Golf clubs that only come out once a week? What’s in your ute? Rarely-used tools or materials that you don’t need for your current job?

Minimising the weight that you carry will improve fuel efficiency, so clear out any clutter from the boot or back seat of passenger vehicles.

Every 50kg of extra weight increases fuel consumption by about 2%.[1]

Reduce wind resistance – The faster you drive, the greater the wind resistance and fuel consumption. Remove roof racks, spoilers and other external attachments when they are not needed.

Driving behaviours such as having open sunroofs and windows can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20% depending on how fast you are going.[2] So minimise wind resistance by keeping windows and sunroofs closed on motorways.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, VIC

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses fitted wind deflectors to all trucks to reduce drag and save fuel. According to CEO Steve Plarre, this simple step has been one of their most successful energy efficiency measures. They also train their drivers on how to drive economically with less vigorous braking. These measures are reducing fuel consumption by around 10%.[3]