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You can download a free PDF copy of the Energy Cut book in this section. In addition to reading it on your tablet or computer, you can also distribute the book for free to all of your employees, suppliers and stakeholders by giving them the link:



The additional resources below will assist your business on its energy-saving journey…




Want to convince your staff or supervisors to join you on your money saving journey?

This truncated version of the Energy Cut eBook has been customised for the business/office sector and is packed with fascinating case studies that show how other businesses like yours have saved money by cutting their energy use. Download and distribute today!



Case Study

Business General Case

Read a real-life account of what another business did to help reduce its energy costs. You’ll find that simple no-cost or low-cost measures can give a fantastic return on investment, within a short period.



Tip Sheet

Business Tip

 The tip sheet is designed to give you all the steps in bite-sized pieces for easy reference.

Why not print it out, put it up as a poster or even distribute it to staff in your workplace? 




Business Pres

 Want to get others onboard with your energy-saving campaign?

This presentation will help explain what EnergyCut is to your staff or industry group, and help with the roll-out of your EnergyCut plan.



Energy Reduction Plan Template     


 For many busy SME owners, writing a detailed energy reduction plan may feel too much like hard work. Even with the best intentions, ad hoc energy efficiency initiatives can easily get derailed.

 To save you time and help you create your plan, this template has simple checklist format as well as interactive tables where you can input energy use data and your costs. It will automatically add up your costs and show you how much you could save if you set reduction goals.   

For further information see: 

Step 3: Write an energy reduction plan