Save money on hire cars when travelling for work

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Save money on hire cars when travelling for work

If you’re travelling, why not hire a fuel-efficient vehicle? They use less fuel, so you’ll pay less when you fill up before returning it.

When customers forget to fill up hire cars, they are often charged $3–$4 per litre by the hire company to refill, so you’ll save money there too.

Fuel-efficient vehicle types often have a lower daily rate which means more savings on the hire charge too.

Renting a car is a great way to ‘try before you buy’. If you find a car that has rated well on the Green Vehicle Guide, why not rent it for the day to check that it’s the right vehicle for your business?


The Fuel Consumption Guide Database

The database has fuel efficiency details for all cars sold since 2004.

 Step 13 - Fuel Guage

However, if you want to buy a car that was made between 1986 and 2003, you can still check its fuel consumption by visiting


The database allows you to check passenger cars, four-wheel drives, and light commercial vehicles up to 2.7 tonnes gross vehicle mass.

Transport Guide 

The UK Department of Transport released a guide in 2009 called ‘Efficient Operations for Small Fleets and Ownerdrivers’. The guide shows the many ways to reduce fuel costs in smaller transportation businesses. It can be downloaded from: