Organise trips to minimise fuel use

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Organise trips to minimise fuel use

Avoid short trips wherever possible and plan ahead to combine multiple meetings or deliveries.

Companies such as Linfox and Finemore structure their deliveries to maximise efficiencies and reduce fuel waste.

Why not do the same?

If you’re visiting clients or delivering goods, try to organise your travel into geographic zones. This will minimise the kilometres travelled, saving you valuable fuel and time.

Two Men and a Truck, NSW

Sydney removalists Two Men & A Truck implemented a vehicle-movement plan to reduce energy consumption. With customer permission, they seek opportunities to rationalise and combine loads that are then delivered to multiple locations.


In addition they use a container vehicle with trailer, which doubles the volume of goods on interstate runs. Combined with set times for morning and afternoon runs, this enables them to do as many deliveries over a three-day period as was previously done over a five day period. This makes the removals more efficient and it saves on fuel costs.[1]


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