How car sharing can save money

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How car sharing can save money

Imagine if you didn’t have to carry the cost of buying or leasing a vehicle for your business? This is now possible thanks to car-sharing schemes.

Membership of a car-sharing service is a good way for city-based SMEs to save a large amount of money. Cheaper than taxis or rental cars, car-sharing services can free your business from the expense, not only of vehicle ownership or leasing, but from maintenance, registration and insurance too.

Many SME owners find that their work vehicle is not needed for frequent daily use. This is a good reason to consider joining a car-sharing scheme.

Car-sharing schemes can be used by a wide variety of businesses. For example, visiting clients or making deliveries (some car-sharing schemes have utility vehicles for this purpose).

Vehicles are accessible 24-hours-a-day from a wide range of metro locations. You can book a car online and it will be waiting in a designated place. You park the car in the same spot when you’re finished.

Members pay for use according to the distance travelled and the length of time used – you can rent the car for as little as one hour or as long as you like. The cost of petrol is included in the rate.

Though currently most common in Sydney and Melbourne, car-sharing schemes are also taking off in Adelaide and Brisbane and other communities .

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GoGet, locations around Australia

Step 13 - Go GetGoGet is Australia’s largest car-sharing service and operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Currently, GoGet has 50,000 members and 1,700 vehicles, and has serviced over two million bookings.[1]


Car-sharing services like GoGet allow people to forego car ownership which is especially useful in crowded urban environments. GoGet members don’t need to pay for fuel as it is included in the hourly rate making budgeting easier. The consumer group Choice described them as ‘an outstanding example of a car-share company providing a cost-effective and secure alternative to car ownership or rental.[2]


As with other car-sharing companies, it now services small businesses who want to reduce their transportation costs.


One of their customers is an architectural company, MBMO[3], whose staff go to meetings and regularly visit project sites. Before signing up to GoGet, they had to bear the cost of expensive taxi fares. But since signing up, their Managing Director Sven Ollman says, “We’ve saved money and now we don’t have to sit in traffic in a cab while the meter’s running.”


 Step 13 - Koch

Small business guru David Koch checked out the benefits of car sharing for small business.


You can watch his video below: