Energy Cut Step 16

Step 15: Reduce hot water costs

Boiling a kettle full of water uses enough energy to power an energy efficient fridge for four hours.[1] Reducing this cost is simple. If you’re having one cup of tea, you should only boil that amount of water.
The same principle applies to wherever you use hot water in your business. You need to use the least amount possible. The cost of heating water is significant for many companies, so reducing hot water usage can really save money. 
The method by which you generate heat for your hot water system can also have a big impact on your bottom line.
For the businesses who currently use electric storage systems, switching to a heat pump or solar hot water system (boosted by gas or electricity) can make a real difference. If your business wants to reduce its hot water costs, this section will show you how.


If you need professional hot water advice, hire an EcoSmart Electrician or a licensed plumber with energy efficiency experience.


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