Install a gas hot water system

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Install a gas hot water system

If the installation of a solar or heat pump hot water system does not meet your needs, you can install a natural gas water heater system.

These are currently more cost-effective than existing electric hot water heaters and come in two types – instant gas hot water systems[1] and gas hot water storage systems.

When buying a gas hot water system, buy a system with a minimum 5-star rating.

When investigating this option, do bear in mind that the price of gas is increasing, so the financial savings that have been there in the past may not continue over the life of the system.

A qualified plumber can advise you as to which one of these will give you the most cost-effective hot water for your type of business.

You can also use LPG gas where natural gas is not available, but according to CHOICE, this is more expensive than natural gas or electricity.[2]

The Department of Industry and Science has a useful guide for people who want to switch to gas water heaters – you can check it out here:

You can also compare the different gas hot water heaters at the website: 


When installing a gas hot water system, make sure you protect the pilot light from draughts.