Set the water temperature correctly

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Set the water temperature correctly

Is your hot water system still on the original factory setting? If so, you may be heating your water more than you need to.

Hot water systems often overheat water and in doing so cost you money. If your system has an adjustable thermostat, you may be able to save money by reducing the temperature.

Storage hot water systems need to be set to at least 60°C in order to stop bacteria breeding. However, there is no need to go any higher than 65°C. Instant hot water systems can be set at 50°C.

If you’re unsure about what to do, get professional advice from a licensed plumber or EcoSmart Electrician. The next time they come in to maintain your hot water system, they can check the temperature and if necessary adjust it for you.

Step 9 - Thermometer

What if the boiler has no temperature reading?

If there is no temperature reading on your water boiler, run your hot water tap for five minutes over a water thermometer. That will tell you how hot your water is.


If it’s well above 60–65°C, you can turn down the boiler thermostat until you get the correct reading at the tap.