Shower facilities at your business

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Shower facilities at your business

If you have shower facilities for employees, install water-efficient showerheads.

An inefficient showerhead can use up to 25 litres of hot water a minute. A WELS 3-star rated showerhead, however, can use as little as 7 litres a minute.[1] Replacing an inefficient showerhead can therefore save you up to 18 litres of hot water every minute.

Many people take up to eight minutes to shower, so the hot water savings from water-efficient showerheads become substantial in a very short space of time.

Did you know? 

You can save about 18 litres of water per minute in the shower by replacing your old showerhead with an efficient one?[2] That’s a lot of hot water (and money) not going down the drain.


Water-efficient showerheads cost anything from $30–$90. Research shows that they can cut hot water costs by up to 47%[3] so they’re a very sensible low-cost investment. Better still, a good 3-star-rated showerhead can give your employees a shower that’s just as good as the old water-guzzling type.

All staff should also be encouraged to keep their showers to four minutes in length. The shorter the shower, the more money you’ll save on water-heating costs.


A standard showerhead uses about 15–25 litres of water per minute – a 3-star rated water-efficient showerhead uses as little as six or seven litres per minute. [4]