Install a heat pump hot water system

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Install a heat pump hot water system

Some businesses can’t use solar hot water systems because:

  • they don’t have a north-facing roof
  • their building is surrounded by trees, or
  • they want solar hot water but don’t have access to gas to boost the system.

In such situations, heat pump hot water systems are ideal. They use over 60%-70% less electricity than a conventional electric water heater.[1]

They work like a refrigerator in reverse. Using a heat exchange system, a heat pump hot water system takes heat out of the air and uses it to heat water. They’re so efficient that they can even heat water on a winter’s night.

They are simple to install and can reheat your water within as little as three hours. There are currently 187,056 heat pump hot water systems in use around Australia, so if you get one installed, you’ll be using tried and tested technology.[2]

The Department of Industry has a useful guide for people who want to switch to heat pump hot water heaters – you can check it out here:

Milner Meat & Seafood, NT

Milner Meat & Seafood saved 60% on heating water, or $850 a year, simply by replacing their electric hot water with a heat pump hot water system. This system saves energy as it extracts heat from the air and transfers it to the hot water tank.

This type of technology can reduce hot water costs by up to 60%-70%..[3]