Where can you cut down on using hot water?

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Where can you cut down on using hot water?

The first rule with hot water is to reduce its use as much as possible.

In the past, laundromats always used hot water but the introduction of specialist cold water detergents means that most loads can be washed in cold water.

You can also run dishwashers with cold or reduced-temperature water.

Wherever your business uses hot water, try and switch to:

  • cold water
  • water that is not as hot, or
  • reduce the amount of hot water that you use.


Hot water signage 

Put up signs near your kettles that remind people to only boil the water they need. If they only want one cup of tea, they should only boil slightly more than one cup’s worth of water.


Dishwashers can also have a sign on them reminding staff to run them only when they’re full and on an ‘eco’ setting that reduces hot water use.


Ask for input from employees on what other reminders could be put near your other hot water devices and appliances.


Elle & Stuart, VIC

Boutique clothing shop Elle & Stuart saved money by switching off their inefficient hot water equipment.


“Why does a small business like mine need hot water?” said owner Maureen Bourke. So she switched it off – a simple step that has saved the business a significant amount on electricity bills.[1]