Get an expert to help you reduce your hot water costs

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Get an expert to help you reduce your hot water costs

If your business uses a lot of hot water, you need to bring in an expert – someone who can determine the most efficient products and appliances for your current and future hot water needs.

If your existing plumber is not familiar with the latest innovations in hot water efficiency, you should hire an accredited EcoSmart Electrician or a plumber with energy efficiency skills and experience.

When hiring someone, ask them if they have been trained in:

  • hot water heating installation (including solar thermal and PV, heat pumps, and natural gas hot water)
  • water-efficient products
  • water conservation
  • leak identification and fixing
  • emerging water efficiency products and technologies.


Finding a hot water expert

You can find an accredited EcoSmart Electrician via:

You can locate a licensed plumber via the following links:

NSW – Master Plumbers Association of NSW

VIC – Master Plumbers Association

QLD – Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland

WA – Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association of WA

TAS – The Master Plumbers’ Association of Tasmania

ACT – Master Plumbers ACT

SA & NT – Master Plumbers South Australia


Eastern Road Quality Meats, NSW

Eastern Road Quality Meats saved energy by converting from electric hot water to instant gas hot water.


They reduced their hot water costs even further by installing an epoxy resin floor on top of the existing concrete floor. This makes the floor easier to clean and degrease. They now use 90% less hot water to clean the floor. It used to require 200 litres of hot water a day to clean; now it’s using just 20 litres.



It also takes a lot less time to clean the floor, so they save on staff time as well.[1]