Energy Cut Step 3

Step 3 – Write an energy reduction plan

Now that you’ve seen what you’re spending on energy (Step 1), and exactly where the energy is being used (Step 2), your next step is to systematically identify the ways that you can reduce your energy use and costs.
When you measured your energy use, perhaps you saw that your equipment accounted for most of your energy expenditure? Maybe it was your HVAC or lighting? You can now use this information to work out what areas to concentrate on and prioritise when you’re writing your energy reduction plan.

Rising energy costs can have a big impact on small businesses. But what if you could reduce your energy costs by 20%?

For many small businesses, energy savings of 20% are an achievable goal. With an energy bill of $10,000 a year, for example, $2,000 could be saved. But to achieve this, you need a plan. How much could you save if you reduced your energy bills by 20%?


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