Energy Cut Step 18

Step 18: Financing your upgrades

Investing in energy efficiency retrofits, upgrades and infrastructure is a great way to reduce your energy bills.
If you want to maximise your energy efficiency, but can’t afford the upfront capital cost of new equipment, this section will show you the finance options available to small to medium businesses. These options include:
  • Loans and leases
  • On-bill financing
  • Grants and rebates
  • Energy efficiency certificate schemes 
This step also looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the different finance options.[1]


In the past, it was not always easy for small businesses to get finance for energy efficiency upgrades. However, energy efficiency finance is a fast changing game and more options are now available. For an up to date list of companies who provide this finance to small businesses, visit

Whatever finance option you choose, make sure you get a payment structure that suits your business and its cash flow. 

  • Disclaimer: The information provided on the tax and accounting implications of each finance option in this step has been taken from the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance Guide’. The information in their guide was based on general advice provided by NSW OEH consultants. It does not reflect the specific circumstances of any business using this guide and should not be relied on by businesses seeking any of these finance options. Instead, you need to seek your own tax and accounting advice.


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