Energy Cut Step 17

Step 17: Energy efficiency and your building lease

If your business doesn’t own its premises, then why not talk to the facility manager, agent or owner about making your building more energy efficient?
Improving the energy efficiency of a building can have real benefits for the building owner. In a world of rising energy prices, improving the building’s energy efficiency will make it more attractive to future tenants who are looking to reduce their running costs.
You could also look to negotiate what is called a ‘green lease’. This is where the tenant and the building owner look at ways they can jointly reduce the energy usage of the premises.
These initiatives are then included within the lease agreement. Such a move can be a financial win/win for both parties. In some cases, the financial savings from energy efficiency improvements and reduced energy use can be shared between the tenant and the building owner.
This section provides you with links to where you can get advice on setting up these kind of agreements.


Energy efficiency improvements of existing commercial buildings could deliver energy savings of 37% and achieve a positive long-term return on the investment.[1]


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