What tax breaks are available for solar?

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What tax breaks are available for solar?

Generally speaking, there are no direct tax incentives available for solar PV systems. However, if you finance or purchase a system through a business then you can potentially make taxation savings through depreciation and claim deductions for the cost of financing.

The ATO has specific advice on solar PV and how it might affect your tax rates. You should also seek advice from your accountant or a taxation expert.

Eastern Road Quality Meats, NSW

Eastern Road Quality Meats, a busy butcher’s shop on Sydney’s North Shore, installed 8kW of solar PV panels on its roof. This has contributed towards an annual 25% reduction in its energy bills.[1] 

“The payback period of solar energy projects is conventionally 5-7 years. In investment terms, that’s a 16% annual return. Given today’s cash investment rates of less than 3%, we would claim that these energy efficient investments are far superior than leaving money in the bank.” [2]