Think before you buy

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Think before you buy

Sometimes the most business-friendly purchase is not to purchase in the first place! When it comes to buying new equipment, buy only what you really need. It’s the first step to saving money.

Consider good-quality second-hand or just-superseded equipment. Last year’s top-of-the-range model from a respected brand, might be more energy efficient and cheaper to buy than the latest model. This approach can save you money on both the purchase and running costs. Doing your homework is the key.

Before you buy a new computer or IT equipment, find out how much energy it uses. The savings could quickly add up if you get the more energy efficient option. The more computers you have, the bigger the savings you’ll achieve.

Consider leasing your IT equipment as this may offer benefits around cash flow and tax incentives. The leasing company may also handle the recycling of the equipment at the end of its life.

Check if the lease allows you to ‘roll-over’ into more energy efficient equipment within the term of the agreement.


Look for the ENERGY STAR label

Printers and other imaging equipmeEnergy Star Logont that have earned the ENERGY STAR label are 30% more efficient than standard models that are not certified.

Being certified by ENERGY STAR also means that printers have to enter low-power ‘sleep’ mode when they’re inactive. This means they’re saving you money when they’re in use and when they’re not.


They will also save you on paper costs. With ENERGY STAR certified imaging equipment, certain sized equipment is required to print on both sides of the paper.[1]