Put computers to sleep during the workday

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Put computers to sleep during the workday

If you use a desktop computer and monitor for eight hours a day during the week, it can cost up to $125 in electricity every year.[1]

If you leave your computer fully on at the end of the working day, the cost can be significantly more. Multiply this by every staff member you have and it can quickly add up.


A sleeping computer will save you money as it uses as little as 10% of full power.[3] To maximise your savings, adjust your computer settings as follows:

  • Put your monitor to dim then enter a low-power sleep or standby mode after five minutes or less of inactivity.[4]
  • Put your computer into standby/sleep or hibernate mode after 30 minutes or less of inactivity.
  • Treat your monitor like a light. Turn it off if you’re going to be away from your computer for more than a few minutes.


Tip: In addition to turning off your computers, laptops and displays at the end of the working day, encourage your employees to put them to sleep when they’re going to a meeting or to lunch. One company rewarded staff for putting their computers into sleep mode at lunch time by leaving chocolates on their keyboards!

For details on how to enable energy-saving features on Windows and Mac computers, go to the ENERGY STAR® website: EnergyCut.info/pwr-mgmt