Positioning your air conditioners for maximum efficiency

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Positioning your air conditioners for maximum efficiency

With window unit and split-system air conditioners, the cooling and heating condensing unit is placed outside your business. This should be placed where it is least exposed to the sun, as this will make the unit less efficient. If possible, you should also shade the unit and ensure that it’s in a well-ventilated area.

Inside your business, make sure the air-conditioning fan unit is mounted high up on the wall or in the ceiling. Cool air sinks and hot air rises, so placing it higher up will make it more effective in cooling your premises. Ceiling or free standing fans are an effective supplement to air-conditioning, as they help to move the cool air around. 

Access for future maintenance is also an important location consideration, for both outdoor (roof, wall, alley) and indoor (false ceiling, wall, plant room) units. To maintain your equipment, you have to be able to access it easily. 


What’s the difference between split- and multi-split-systems?

Step 9 - Split-SystemSplit-system air conditioner: this system has a fan unit mounted inside the building – a single condensing unit that generates the temperature changes is located outside. This type of air conditioner can cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms.


Multi-split system: this system also has one outdoor condensing unit, but this is linked to multiple internal fan units. Some brands can simultaneously heat or cool a number of rooms in your premises.


Split-system air conditioners are the most commonly purchased type of air conditioners. But when buying one, make sure that it an inverter, as this makes it cheaper to run. Some split-system air conditioners now come with a 7-star ‘super efficiency’ rating. This ensures a substantial reduction in running costs compared to older systems.