Keep your windows, vents and doors shut when using air-conditioning

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Keep your windows, vents and doors shut when using air-conditioning

It really pays to keep the doors and windows shut when you’re cooling or heating your building.

If you’re using air-conditioning on a hot day and someone leaves the windows or doors open, it can significantly increase your cooling costs. All that expensive cold air is literally going out the door.

One simple way to guarantee that your doors stay shut is to put automatic door closers on your outside doors. This reduces air conditioner costs and helps to improve security.Step 9 - Door Closer

If you have lots of people continually coming in and out of your premises, here are just some of the available door options:


Step 9 - Door LaminateVinyl strip doors (also known as vinyl strip curtains/barriers)

Installing vinyl strip doors is one way to reduce this type of leakage.

They can be used in the front of shops, through to coolrooms, walk-in freezers and warehouse facilities.


High-speed insulating doors (also known as ‘rapid roll doors’)

High-speed insulating doors and low-speed insulating doors operate like insulated, motorised roll-up garage doors.

Although they’re more expensive than strip doors, they can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

If you have vehicles coming in and out of your building, high-speed insulating doors don’t just save on heating and cooling costs – they improve productivity, as drivers are not held up by doors that open too slowly. Plus they also improve security.


PVC impact doors

Other door options include PVC impact doors. These are flexible doors that you can drive carts or forklifts directly at, and through.

Although these fixtures come in for a fair amount of abuse, they save money with heating and cooling bills by keeping the temperature more even in the area where they’re situated.