Don’t heat or cool areas that don’t need it

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Don’t heat or cool areas that don’t need it

Try to avoid heating and cooling little-used areas. Block off the ducting outlets in areas that are unoccupied, and reduce the heating and cooling of areas that are used only for a short time, such as toilets and storerooms.

Also don’t forget to close the internal doors of rooms being heated or cooled.

Consult your HVAC technical service provider or EcoSmart Electrician before you block off outlets. This will ensure that you are not creating too much back pressure for the compressor, or putting other parts of the system under undue pressure. 

Rewire your restrooms

If you have fans in your restrooms, why not rewire them so that they only come on when the lights are switched on?

This will reduce the amount of energy that they use.

Before implementing this, check with your EcoSmart Electrician as to how much this will cost and how much energy it could save.


Wynnum North Newsagency, QLD


Wynnum North Newsagency reduced their energy bills by 33%, or $1,759, by switching off air-conditioning and other measures. They had previously used two air conditioners as well as two air curtains over the front door, to cool the shop during Queensland’s hot summer days.


They have now permanently switched off the air curtains and operate only one air conditioner in winter when necessary. They only use both air conditioners on hot summer days and only when the internal store temperature rises above 24°C.


According to owner John Allen, this has resulted in no loss of comfort inside the store.[1]