Top 10 energy auditing tips

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Top 10 energy auditing tips

If you decide to bring in outside help, here are 10 tips that may help:

  • Choose the energy audit that is most appropriate for your premises. For most small businesses, a Type 1 audit will suffice.
  • How long has the chosen energy auditor been in business? Choose one with experience.
  • Check the references of your auditor – have other businesses saved money with their advice, and did they deliver as per expectations?
  • Get a clear undertaking upfront as to what the auditor will do. As a minimum, they should include a visit to your premises and provide you with a written report that tells you how to implement the changes and recommends the products that will reliably save you energy.
  • Choose an energy consultant who will offer you independent advice and unbiased information on energy saving options. If the consultant is only pushing one brand of product, make sure you do due diligence on it. Use a search engine to see if there is positive or negative feedback about it online. Ask if independent testing has verified the product claims. Can their other customers give it a positive reference?
  • Provide your auditor with as much information as you can about your site – this will result in the best energy-saving opportunities being identified.
  • Talk to your energy auditor about any energy use issues that you want investigated.
  • Nobody knows your business premises better than you, so make sure you show the auditor around.
  • Ask questions as you go. Get them to explain your energy saving options as you walk around your business premises.
  • When you get the written report, make sure you ask your energy auditor questions about anything you don’t understand1.