Plug-in appliance monitors

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Plug-in appliance monitors

An appliance monitor can tell you the energy running costs of individual appliances.

They’re simple to use. You insert the appliance’s plug into the monitor. Then you insert the monitor into the wall plug socket. In real time, it gives you the appliance’s energy usage and how much it’s costing you to run.

Understanding the energy use and running costs of your various appliances is very useful when it comes to buying replacements. You can compare running costs of the old and new units, and calculate the dollar savings to be had from upgrading to more energy efficient alternatives.

You can buy an individual appliance monitor for between $20–$35 online or at major hardware stores.

What results can you achieve with an appliance monitor?

As part of the ‘Energy Hunter’ scheme in Newcastle, AOK Health used an individual appliance monitor to measure the energy use and running costs of their water boiler and kitchen fridge.[1] When they saw how expensive they were to run, they:

  • changed the water boiler to a kettle that used 64% less energy
  • replaced the fridge with a more efficient model that had the potential to save up to $300 per year.

Fergusson Plarre Bakehouses, VIC

An energy monitoring system enables ‘real time’ monitoring of all electricity and gas consumption at Fergusson Plarre. Initiatives like this have helped it become one of Australia’s most energy efficient bakeries – they’ve reduced their electricity and gas use by 62% and 76% respectively.[2]